Yearly membership

Yearly membership costs 50 francs. Members can rent out a maximum of 6 items at a time, yearly the amount is unlimited. There is now also a 6 month option for 30 francs.

Occasional users

Where families do not wish to take out a year's membership,but wish for instance to test a certain game or toy, we offer a package for occasional users. Families can pay 5 francs per rental. Depending on the item rented, we reserve the right to ask for an extra 20 francs deposit (50 francs for bikes, scooters etc.). This is ideal for families who do not know whether they will use the Ludothek throughout the year.


Rental period

Each item can be rented for a period of 3 weeks. School holidays are not included in this time. We ask our customers to carefully check each toy and inform us of any missing or damaged items immediately, either by telephone or email.


Renewing rentals

On request, we can renew the rental of an item. This is dependant on whether the item is already reserved for another customer. When a item is particularly popular, we reserve the right to disallow extensions.



We ask our customers to treat all items with care and to return them on time, in a clean condition and complete. Please make us aware of any missing or damaged items.

We check all electronic toys and games prior to rental and upon return, in front of our customers.



Charges for overdue items

When items are returned late, we charge the following fees.

1st overdue notice - 4 francs
2nd overdue notice - 9 francs
3rd overdue notice - 15 francs


Damages/ repairs

When an item is returned badly damaged or it is lost by a customer, the customer must make an appropriate contribution towards a replacement or a repair. Where only a small part of the item is lost or damaged, we ask the customer to pay a nominal fee. All repairs are carried out or arranged by the Ludothek team.



It is possible to reserve an item for a small fee of 2 francs. As soon as the item is ready for collection, the Ludothek team will contact the customer by telephone or email. We ask customers to collect reserved items within a week of our contact, otherwise the item will be rented to other customers. We will only reserve an item for one customer and do not have a waiting list.


Special conditions

The Game, Party and Disco boxes can only be rented for up to one week and costs 8 francs for custormers with yearly membership. For all other members the cost is 15 francs. All boxes can be reserved without charge.

Customers are responsible for the replacement of batteries.



The Ludothek will nt be held liable for any damage or injuries in connection with toys, games or vehicles (bicycles etc.) leant to customers or arise from an occurence on the premises.

Members terms and conditions


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