Short portrait of the Langnau am Albis Ludothek

Name: Ludothek Langnau am Albis
Address: In der Schwerzi, Langnau am Albis
Foundation year: 1979
Legal Entity: Independent Association
The voluntary employees are the members of the association.
There are 4 members of the executive committee.
Number of voluntary workers: 9
Number of items in the rental library: 1514
Numbers of yearly rentals: 4568
Number of active customers: 135

A member of the Swiss Ludothek Verein.

Intervention and support: The Langnau am Albis Gemeinde contributes 7000 FR yearly towards the running of the Ludothek and also provides the venue, free from rent.

History of the Langnau am Albis Ludothek

2014: The on-line catalogue was established.

2010: The Gemeinde increased the yearly contribution to 7000 francs. The Ludothek extended Friday opening hours until 19:30.

2009: The Ludothek ran the first Langnau Spielt, which was an event for all ages. The Ludothek celebrated it's 30th anniversary.

2008: the Ludothek gave a successful presentation at the Swiss Ludothek's Verein's Presidential conference, entitled Das Spiel.

2007: A new logo and homepage was created. The Ludothek, in connection with the local schools successfully ran the Das Spiel project. A second computer was bought for the growing number of customers.

2005: The Ludothek broke the barrier of having 1000 items for rent threshold.

2004: The Ludothek celebrated it's 25 year anniversary, combined with a move to new premises in the Schwerzi, which offered two large rooms. The Ludothek also modernized with a new computer.

2003: On the 25th November 2003, the first statutory meeting of the newly independent association, the Langnau Ludothek took place.

2001: The Ludothek moved to new premises in the nuclear bunker at the Rütibohl Kindergarten. This was a big improvement for both customers and employees, as it was no longer necessary to unpack and repack items at the end and the beginning of a Ludothek session. The first Pausenludo took place.

1994: The Ludothek applied for a yearly contribution of 2000 francs from the Gemeinde. The Ludothek also moved to the Rütibohl Kindergarten. The new premises were shared with the Mittagstisch.

1993: The Ludothek moved premises to the Pavillon at Widmer School. They received yearly financial support from the Elternverein.

1979: The Ludothek, aimed at small children was founded as part of the Elternverein. The Ludothek was housed at the library.


Short portrait


Ludothek Langnau am Albis​
8135 Langnau am Albis




15:30 - 17:30 Uhr

1. Mittwoch:

13:30 - 15:00 Uhr

2. und 4. Freitag:

17:00 - 19:00 Uhr

1. und 3. Samstag:

9:30 - 11:00 Uhr

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