Over the last 12 years, the Ludothek has been visiting the students at the two local primary schools, Widmer and Wolfgraben. Once a year, we bring a large selection of our outside vehicles and games to the schools for a week so that the children can enjoy them, during their break times. The children really enjoy this experience and look forward to it with a lot of excitement. Depending on their interest and wishes, they get to practice and develop a wide range of skills -cycling, balancing, jumping, making curves and steering their friends around obstacles. So that the children can make the most of the Pausenludo, the school director usually allows a longer break. Over the years, the Pausenludo has become an eagerly anticipated event at the schools.




Are you planning an event for your company or association, or simply a party with friends?


The Ludothek offers a wide selection of games and toys for all ages. We have board games, construction games such as Cuboro and many outside toys including child bikes, scooters, go-carts etc. We have everything you could need under one roof.


Through our Spielplausch offer, you can rent up to 25 items at the same time for a very attractive rate ( from 100 francs).


We would be happy to advise you and can assist you to choose the right items for your event.


To reserve:

079 721 39 63 





Spielplausch Mini and Maxi

 Spielplausch Mini: 15 items. FR. 100


Spielplausch MAXI: 25 items. FR. 150

No reservation fee

Indoor and outdoor


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